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Rexbull Review

Brand:Rexbull company
Category:Male Enhancement
2.2/5 out of 49 votes

Product Overview

Rexbull is a Male Enhancement Pill distributed by Rexbull company. There are many companies that offer natural Male Enhancement health products such as Rexbull. With all these bold claims, who do we believe and which ones do we toss in the garbage?

In these reviews, we will really find out the truth behind the Rexbull Pill. If you already used Rexbull in the past, please provide feedback by answering these questions:

Does Rexbull Male Enhancement Pill really work?
Are their claims true?
Is Rexbull a scam?
Does Rexbull offer a money back guarantee?

The only people that can really answer those question are consumers that have used it in the past.

Before you buy Rexbull, read the following consumers reviews for accurate feedback.


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Consumer Reviews (8)

I got rexbull about 2 years ago it took about 5 weeks to arrive. it came in a blister pack so I wondered if it was the real thing. then every month i recieved another 30 day supply I did not order and was charged for it on my credit card. to stop this I had to kill that credit card. It did not make me any larger and I believe it was all a bunch of BULL. Maybe if they sent me the real pills I would like to see if maybe the real thing would work as advertised. when I tried to contact them they are not available to talk I would like my money back but they don't respond so I guess I was scammed and screwed with out even getting a hard on

lew forbes on 2014-03-03
I order rexbull three weeks ago and I have not receive anything. I keep getting the run around. They are telling me in order to get a refund I have to write to the company. I thank it time for a class action lawsuit. Rexbull is nothing but bull

Ray A Archie on 2013-09-30
According to the reviews listed I probably won't use it

w.Holmes on 2013-09-28
I ordered redbull about 2 bottles of 30 pills each and started using ir more than 2 weeks ago. I have not have any result up until today, it havent made me fill any thing different at all. It is like having a water pill.

JOSE G CABRERA on 2013-07-09
Rexbull is a SCAM!! stay away from this product and their misleading advertising strategy. If you want a male enhancement solution that will make you gain inches and help with erections... order Make Mine Grow. This is the best product out their right now! It worked for me and my friends like a charm, You will start seeing results in only 5 minutes of use.

lan phan on 2012-11-25
Used rexbull but seen nothing but still soft and the pill isnt what they said it was we should sue for false advertising and scamming.

linzy on 2012-10-23
The rating says a lot from Rexbull... IT DOES NOT WORK.... the only male enhancement product that EVER worked for me is Make Mine Grow!!! You will be back to normal performance in no time.

JF on 2012-05-11
I paid with a credit card for 4 months of RexBull by mail on 2/20/2012, I've been charged for it, but haven't received it!

Robert B. Butler on 2012-03-07

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