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Proxica Review

Brand:Proxica company
2.3/5 out of 124 votes

Product Overview

Proxica is a Anti-Aging Liquid distributed by Proxica company. There are many companies that offer natural Anti-Aging health products such as Proxica. With all these bold claims, who do we believe and which ones do we toss in the garbage?

In these reviews, we will really find out the truth behind the Proxica Liquid. If you already used Proxica in the past, please provide feedback by answering these questions:

Does Proxica Anti-Aging Liquid really work?
Are their claims true?
Is Proxica a scam?
Does Proxica offer a money back guarantee?

The only people that can really answer those question are consumers that have used it in the past.

Before you buy Proxica, read the following consumers reviews for accurate feedback.


 Naturally Skinsational

Consumer Reviews:5/5
Quality of Service:5/5
Money-Back Guarantee:5/5

Overall Rating:5/5

Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes for Simply fabulous natural skin care. FoxNews featured Naturally Skinsational system shares the secrets that will teach you how to use the potent rejuvenating properties of common all natural ingredients to effectively rejuvenate your skin.

Consumer Reviews (9)

If you are a looking for a product to make your aging pain go away while making you look younger then ever, look no further. I tried "Naturally Skinsational" and was amazed with the results. I feel like new and my pain is gone. Doctors told me it was not possible but I'm living proof. Forget Proxica... it wont work!!

martha on 2012-11-25
Proxica did not cure all my problems as it clams but it did help my fatigue which is why i tried it. so i will keep taking it.

Randa slade on 2012-11-17
I was very sceptical about Proxica,but my knee problems,and shoulder pain were pretty severe,so i decided to try it.To my amazement,my shoulder that has been " frozen' for afew years is so much better,and my knees,which require replacement according to ortho surgeon,are also noticibly better.It may all be in my head,but for me whatever works,and this does.

Jana Spelitz on 2012-06-26
I have not used Proxica. I was planning of buying after all the reading,because I have a lot of these aliments. I am now discouraged and I do not want to spend my money in the wrong places just so that you can make money. Please, please and repeat please, do not promote these items just so that you can make money. We need our money as much as you need money to run a business, God is watching you, and be careful what you do, you have to pay for these bad ills, as GOD is just. Take care and GOD BLESS

Philomena Rodrigues on 2012-05-09
Proxica did not work for me. I guess there was not enough organic silica to help make my skin look younger. Naturally Skinsational is a new Rejuvenating Skin Care system that promises similar results then Proxica. The only difference is that it actually works!!!!! I feel like I'm in my 20's again!

bibi on 2012-05-05
I really enjoy the product, I would like to see more silica in the product, I have knee problems but no difference when taking or not taking the product. I will be ordering more I have one bottle left. Like any product you either like it or don't , everybody has a different body and chemistry,, I like it first thing in the morning the b12 wakes my mind up.

Bruce Reichenbach on 2011-12-03
I received Proxica advertizing in the mail. I was not impressed. It contains scientific inaccuracies such as "softening of the brain" (the brain does not "soften", though it loses cell mass as it ages); "rediscover all your strength and energy" (muscle mass is lost not due to lack of silica but injury, neurological conditions, diseases, inactivity aside-due to loss of testosterone. Muscle is needed to use energy; and energy itself is produced in the mitochondria of every cell but mitochondria weaken and disappear but not due to silica lack); and the incoherent statement "Silica is an element that encourages the formation of trabecular bone... therefore [Proxica] acts by regenerating the cartilage... enabling it to fulfill its role as the joint's shock absorber." Bone and cartilage are formed by distinct processes physiologically. Besides scientific inaccuracies and incoherence, some of the text is just plain bad English: "Ladies, erase that cellulites, and gentlemen, get rid of those deep man wrinkles and old skin."... it speeds up the elimination of wrinkles and leg varicose [veins]". Benjamin Phillips, whose position at Proxica is unclear, declares that he is a "scientific and experimental research expert", whatever that means. He has no degree, apparently. His "specialty": "The Human Body Rejuvenation." More bad English. If there is anything to this product, I am going to miss out because I don't trust illiteracy, boasting, and pseudo-scientific claims.

David Dressler on 2011-11-29
I am not writing a good review.. this stuff caused me to have a flare up on my knee that i cant explain..i tried to deny the fact that it was causing the problem but after i quit taking the liquid proxica droper full a day. my knee is finally returning to normal. I do not know what caused the flare up but shortly after starting the proxica liquid i started having knee problem swollen and could not extend my knee completly.. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced the same problems.

velma odom on 2011-10-30
I recently order Proxica and had great sucess with it. My back pains are gone and I have more energy then before.

Judy on 2011-09-18

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