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Phero-Game Review

Brand:Phero-Game company
Category:Male Enhancement
1.8/5 out of 53 votes

Product Overview

Phero-Game is a Male Enhancement Pill distributed by Phero-Game company. There are many companies that offer natural Male Enhancement health products such as Phero-Game. With all these bold claims, who do we believe and which ones do we toss in the garbage?

In these reviews, we will really find out the truth behind the Phero-Game Pill. If you already used Phero-Game in the past, please provide feedback by answering these questions:

Does Phero-Game Male Enhancement Pill really work?
Are their claims true?
Is Phero-Game a scam?
Does Phero-Game offer a money back guarantee?

The only people that can really answer those question are consumers that have used it in the past.

Before you buy Phero-Game, read the following consumers reviews for accurate feedback.


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Consumer Reviews (7)

might as well take vitamins . It's just another useless product and a waste of money

BILL on 2014-02-09
The product does work but not in the way most men want. It works on the entire male sexual system. Also you must take it for a minimum 3-weeks before you will start seeing results. My frequent trips to the bathroom at night have greatly improved. I also had an old nerve injury to my left thigh, seems that is also disappearing. The Green and Blue pills are all natural and loaded with nutrients. This product definately has active ingredients, to correct sexual problems, but you must take it for at least 6-weeks to see results.

Gary Varga on 2014-02-02
I took the 10 tablets as directed. My was named green. I might as well taken a sugar pill. there was absolutely NO male enhancement. I might as well kept my $58.98 and spent it on a nice meal for my wife.T hese pills are nothing but a JOKE on men looking for help. I requested my 100% guaranteed refund.I will let you know if I get it.

Sherman Simons on 2013-09-25
phero-game is a scam! They only give you 10 green pills but state they are giving you a month's worth. when I called customer service they told me the green pills are suppose to last 10 days contrary to 1 month as advertised. This is false advertisement and will be reporting it to the BBB

Lorenzo on 2012-11-25
Has anyone ordered Make Mine Grow?? I just sent back phero-game and looking for an alternative male enhancer. Looks promising. So many good reviews.

Sonny on 2012-05-14
I ordered this last year and it did nothing for me. I had to return it for a refund. Now I'm using Make Mine Grow and I already gained 1 inch in length. I highly recommend Make Mine Grow over Phero-Game.

Mr Oye on 2012-02-12
I ran out of green pills so early into the treatment. For the price I paid I thought I would get more then 30 days worth.

vic on 2012-02-05

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