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GI Pure Review

Product:GI Pure
Brand:GI Pure company
Category:Weight Loss
2.4/5 out of 88 votes

Product Overview

GI Pure is a Weight Loss Pill distributed by GI Pure company. There are many companies that offer natural Weight Loss health products such as GI Pure. With all these bold claims, who do we believe and which ones do we toss in the garbage?

In these reviews, we will really find out the truth behind the GI Pure Pill. If you already used GI Pure in the past, please provide feedback by answering these questions:

Does GI Pure Weight Loss Pill really work?
Are their claims true?
Is GI Pure a scam?
Does GI Pure offer a money back guarantee?

The only people that can really answer those question are consumers that have used it in the past.

Before you buy GI Pure, read the following consumers reviews for accurate feedback.


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Consumer Reviews (12)

Glad that I read these from honest people who had used them and had no progress to report to the positive. thank you for this it will keep me from throwing good money after bad inventions

Connie Etten on 2014-09-30
i ordered the gi pure about 3 weeks ago high hopes to lose the last 10 pounds. took them faithfuly and guess what not a single pound has come off. i guess its true when they say if sounds to good it must not be true.

judy leger on 2013-04-12
GI Pure is a SCAM!! I have been taking GI Pure for 4 months now and NOTHING! I called the company like they said to do for a refund if it dosen't work and well, I didn't get my refund!! Does that say something?? THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!! Just exercise and eat well and you will get better results than this product will EVER give you. This product is a big waste of time and money!

amber on 2013-03-09
I also used GIPURE for 30 days and starting 2 bottle Lost 1 lb and nothing more. Ando mentioned Fat Burning Furnace where did you get this product in interested. Did it really work 60 years old and haven't found a product to work.

Kathy Leathers on 2012-07-08
I have being taking GI PURE For over a mos. Nothing happend yet. Instead I start gaining some pounds. Its scam people ,don't spend your money on this one.

lana m on 2012-06-22
I began taking G.I. Pure on Saturday May 19. Today is May 22. I have noticed ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE... I'm wondering if this isn't just another scam?

Linda Cordial on 2012-05-22
I'm still waiting on my G.I. Pills to come in the mail. I wish I would have read the comments before I order the pills. Soon as I take the pills, I will make a comment about the weight loss or not. Marie on 2012-19-01

Marie on 2012-01-19
I've tried everything out there to take the weight off. The only product that worked for me is GI Pure! I'm a single father of 44 years of age and 100% satisfied with the results.

fernando h. on 2012-01-14
Gi Pure worked for me! I lost my last 15 lbs that I've been trying to loose for the last 5 years. Thank you

Marcie on 2012-01-04
I have taken the pills for a month now, and I saw no results . My weight stayed the same and I was very disappointed that the product didnt work. I also took it correctly and it was unsuccessful. Who ever has lost weight the way the brochure says needs to let us who havent lost know what they did to succeed weight lose with these pills. As it stands right now I am returning my untaken portion for a refund.

Kamille on 2011-09-11
I have just ordered the GI Pure, so I do not know if it works yet. However I will be sure to let this site know. I was sorry to hear that it did not work from the people the comments. I was really hoping this would not be a scam. thanks

Dukes on 2011-09-01
I have tried them and now need to reorder, i found that they do help melt the fat and it has been coming off slowly. i did not lose the 10lbs like it said. i did take them the way they are to be taken. i have noticed my clothes have been fitting a lot better. i have been using it for about a month and a half.

Inez Aragon on 2011-08-17

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