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Consumers Helping Consumers

Consumers have a lot of responsibility. They need to find the best product and price and manage to avoid scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 30.2 million Americans were the victim of consumer fraud during 2007.

Taking simple steps, such as researching a company, reviewing product ratings and knowing how to find the best prices can help you be a better consumer.

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How to Be a Good Consumer

 1. Research a company online

Before purchasing from a product, look for a "Better Business Seal" on the company's site. Also, do a little research about the company.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Attorney General of your state keep records about companies who have logged a lot of consumer complaints.

For example, the Better Business Bureau assigns an A to F rating (F is the worst and A is the best) to companies.

 2. Read product ratings

Even if a company is legitimate, they might still have low-rated products. Check out online reviews with companies such as ConsumersReviewOnline, which allow you to read a variety of consumer reviews. These reviews provide consumers with detailed consumer commentary about a product. For example, before purchasing a car seat, you might learn that other consumers think it's difficult to clean.

 3. Shop around

After you've made a decision on which product to purchase, it's important to shop for the best price. Some stores discount prices during the slow times of the month to increase sales volume.

To find out this information, contact stores that sell the product and ask about upcoming sales and promotions. Some companies offer discount coupons a couple times a month in the newspaper.

 4. Watch your credit-card statements carefully

Salespeople are human, and sometimes they make mistakes. For example, hitting an extra "0" during a transaction can seriously increase the purchase price. Review receipts and statements carefully to catch these errors. Also, watch restaurant receipts carefully.

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